1) You rent an apartment and make a guarantee deposit of 1-6 months.

2) Leasing a property may be an issue for a landlord-payments, safety, peace of mind.

  • The lease is over but you never get your rental deposit back.
  • Landlord justifies the refusal to return by all (im)possible means.
  • You pay thousands to settle or you never see your money back.


Our App takes care of the entire rental process from the moment you settle in till you leave.

  • All issues and deteriorations are taken care of centrally.
  • Repairs, insurance, advice- get them via our App- Additional service offerings.
  • The landlord does not release the deposit: we take landlord or tenant to court.
  • Our proprietary moving in solution makes moving in and out hassle-free for both landlords and tenants and accountable to the rental agreement.
  • 77 000 dwellings rented (that is 1/3 of all)
  • Average duration of the lease 3 years
  • Average rent is 1 385 EUR
  • Average deposit of 3 months
  • 2000 court cases heard each year on rentals

  • 6,5 mln non-social dwellings rented out, each with at least 1 month deposit
  • Macron Law of 2016 to penalize late return of deposits 10% per month

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