About us

At Zestylawyer we care about making justice affordable and comprehensible for all. 

We work to develop solutions that will help people, companies and governments minimize the hassle of litigation and ideally, empower them with IT tools to help manage their relations (e.g. a lease from arrival to departure, subscriptions, ticket refunds, introduce complaints to governments etc) effortlessly and without a recourse to expensive attorney.

We are a company ZESTYLAWYER SARL-S, registered in Luxembourg under Nr. B243718

We are supported by the Incubator of the University of Luxembourg where we are a resident.

Privacy notice: by providing us with your personal data you confirm that you do so for the purpose of us communicating with you and for providing you with the requested services, if any. You may at any time contact us at a@zestylawyer.com to ask us to get your data adapted or removed permanently. By using our services you agree that our liability to you is limited to the amount of the fees you have paid to us. Any dispute arising between you and us should be settled with an arbiter of our choice in Singapore unless you and us  specifically agree otherwise.


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